About Us


Zoncepz Solutions is an engineering solution provider that promotes innovation and creativity.

We emphasize on a balance within designs and works. We believe that attaining a balance shall then only leads to real achievements to all parties including the end consumers.

Zoncepz was established in 2009 and operating under sole proprietorship. We have great interest in the engineering industry and have been striving to gain recognition. The passion have braved us towards a GST registered enterprise of reference number M90363698G as we look ahead to our long lasting existence in the field.

The company operates in a “Down to Earth” style of management. Progressive and steady is the key. Trust and interests is our motivation. Rapport within communities is our pillar. And basics shall be our stronghold.

Our Vision

Zoncepz is derived from a chinese word “忠” which pronounces as “zhong”. This word has meanings of being honest and simple. We wish to extend the values into our work and life.

* We verge to provide honest consultation and designs * * We pledge to make things simpler rather than complicated.  *

It is also our responsibility to convey feedbacks no matter positively or negatively. The company have the rights to know and decide.

” The noblest of pleasure is the joy of understanding” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

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